Asimov’s Foundation Saga

foundation-sagaThe publication of the Foundation saga spans 66 years and multiple authors. Of course Isaac Asimov laid the “foundation” with the first trilogy and multiple books thereafter. Bear and Brin also officially contributed to the canon after Asimov’s death. Looking for a place to start? I would suggest beginning with the original trilogy.

Sequence Title Set Year and Author
1 Prelude to Foundation 1988 by Isaac Asimov
2 Forward the Foundation Second Foundation Trilogy 1 1993 by Isaac Asimov
3 Foundation and Chaos
Second Foundation Trilogy 2
1998 by Greg Bear
4 Foundation’s Triumph
Second Foundation Trilogy 3
1999 by David Brin
5 Foundation Foundation Trilogy 1
1942-1944,1949, published as a single book 1951 by Isaac Asimov
6 Foundation and Empire
Foundation Trilogy 2
1945, published as a single book 1952 by Isaac Asimov
7 Second Foundation
Foundation Trilogy 3
1948,1949, published as a single book 1953 by Isaac Asimov
8 Foundation’s Edge 1982 by Isaac Asimov, won 1983 Hugo
9 Foundation and Earth 1986 by Isaac Asimov
10 Psychohistorical Crisis unofficial 1995 by Donald Kingsbury

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