Second Foundation

Part I: Search by the Mule

The Mule’s Union of Worlds comprised of one-tenth the volume of the galaxy and one-fifteenth of its population. Of this Union, he was its First Citizen. It had been five years since the Mule’s hopes of finding the Second Foundation were dashed by Bayta. During that time the Union has been quiet as it underwent a consolidation of its power.
Lieutenant General Han Pritcher was the Union’s most useful Converted subject. Pritcher had embarked upon five major expeditions in search of the Second Foundation. He was now returning to Kalgan for an audience with the First Citizen.
Enter Bail Channis, a handsome and quick-witted young man and a success in society. He was also Unconverted. He was intelligent and self-possessed, therefore successful with the Mule. For the first time, Channis was summoned to the palace. The Mule had planned another expedition, this time with Pritcher and Channis in joint command. Channis was needed simply because he was Unconverted and therefore still had that subtle personal drive within him. Pritcher went along to keep him in line.
Unlike Pritcher, the Mule firmly believes that the Second Foundation exists. He noticed that minds under his control have been delicately interfered with, their initiative and ingenuity being rubbed out leaving them useless. Since Channis is Unconverted he is not instantly detectable as a Mule’s man.
The Executive Council of the Second Foundation was in session. The First Speaker addresses the assembly, “The situation is highly unstable. With Seldon’s original scheme bent to the fracture point […] we are faced with an irreversible breakdown of the Plan. Time is passing us by. I think there is only one solution left us- and even that is risky. We must allow the Mule to find us- in a sense.”
Using the Lens, a complicated calculating machine which could display a reproduction of the night sky as seen from any given point of the galaxy, Channis was able to identify Tazenda as Star’s End, the location of the Second Foundation. Three days ahead of schedule, Channis ordered the vessel towards Tazenda without Pritcher’s prior consent. When Pritcvher protested, he told him, “You are merely following the Mule’s orders without faith; I recognize a serious danger.” Channis feels that if he is right about Tazenda, then his life may no longerbe safe, and the faster they make it to Star’s End, the better.
Chief Engineer Huxlani found a hypertracer on the ship, which allows the vessel to be followed anywhere. Under Channis’ direction, it is put back exactly where it is found. Later, Pritcher checks the hypertracer with Channis well out of the way. He is satisfied.
The Mule’s men set down on Rossem, a subject world of Tazenda. It is a planet of contented peasants, Narovi being one of them. He acts as host to Pritcher and Channis until the Elders arrive.
The Elders take the visitors to their Meeting Hall. After answering many of the Elders’ questions, Pritcher and Channis learn that the governor has been waiting for them to arrive for a week.
The next day, the visitors met with the Governor of Rossem. The governor was interested in their ship and he wished to see it, yet Pritcher would not allow him to saying that the ship was under repairs and could not land for another 48 hours. The governor was eventually satisfied with this.
After their meeting with the governor, Pritcher held Channis at gun-point, putting him under arrest for treason to the First Citizen of the Union. Pritcher believes Channis knew all along where the Second Foundation was, which would account for how easily he found Star’s End. He though Channis knew about the secret because he was under the mental influence of the Second Foundation, which the Mule knew all along.
In his defense, Channis disclosed his knowledge of the hypertracer. He also said that the Mule needed him because he was Unconverted, since all the Converted subjects in positions of power had been tampered with. He tells Pritcher that this has happened to him, which explains why he is feeling mentally sluggish. Channis goes on further to say that if he was a traitor and the Mule knew (as Pritcher claims), he could be Converted and have the secret location of the Second Foundation very simply. If he did not know, then he could not lead them to the Second Foundation. So in either case, there is no reason to send him anywhere. Channis also believes that the hypertracer must have been put there by an agent of the Second Foundation rather than the Mule, and that it is the Second Foundation who is following them and not the Mule as Pritcher claims. The reason is, is that they are after Pritcher, since he knows more about the Union than anyone but the Mule and heis not as dangerous to them as the mutant is. Channis says that he played their game. He knew the Second Foundation had engineered this whole plan. “It was a battle of bluffs. They wanted us and I wanted their location…” Channis urged Pritcher to give him the blaster, since he was under the control of the Second Foundation.
Just then the Mule walked in. He tells Pritcher that it was the Union which placed the hypertracer on their ship so that he could trace Channis, because he knows he is of the Second Foundation. The Mule found out that Channis had been tampered with because he was overconfident and too successful. He also felt a tiny amount of mental resistance within him that furthered his suspicions.
Before the Mule could kill Channis with the blaster he now held, the Second Foundationer mentally broke the Mule’s control over Pritcher. Channis held the old Pritcher back by suppressing his will, so that if the Mule should kill him, Pritcher would surely defeat the Mule. The First Citizen dropped the blaster.
Channis needed to gain time. He began talking of the Second Foundation, how it was the guardian of Seldon’s Plan. However, the Mule knew he was stalling and he told him how he had already sent his fleet to destroy Tazenda twelve hours ago. The First Citizen looked into his mind but failed to find the overwhelming despair which should be there. He tore into his mind seeking the truth. He learned that Rossem, itself is the Second Foundation.
Just then, the First Speaker enters. He tells the Mule that all that went wrong was his own responsablilty and that this is why he has come alone. He also tells him that the people of the Second Foundation possess much the same power as the Mule, except that he was born with it. However, they made two fatal mistakes in their dealings with the Mule. The first was the underestimation of the Mule’s powers and the second was their lack of knowledge of his physical short comings and as a result his inferiority complex.
When the First Speaker learns that the Mule has ordered Rossem destroyed because he thinks it is the Second Foundation, the First Speaker tells him the true reason why they sent an obviously inferior individual to deal with someone such as a mutant with powerful mental capabilities.
Channis was sent to Kalgan so he could be detected, since he lacked the capacity to hide from the Mule. He would not have been killed since he was no real threat. However, before his mission he underwent emotional surgery of a drastic nature, so that he would truely believe Rossem to be the SecondFoundation. With Channis, the Second Foundation could lure the Mule to “Star’s End” and correct all that had gone wrong. To counter the Mule’s fleet, the First Speaker had already sent the Elders (who were Second Foundationers) to Kalgan to counteract the Mule’s mental molding of his subordinates. If his order is not countermanded, the Mule will return to a revolting Empire.
During the moment of the Mule’s despair, the First Speaker was able to enter his mind and change his motivations entirely. The notion of a Second Foundation is now a blank to him and he is a man of peace. The Mule, with his mental powers and empire intact, took Pritcher and went home to Kalgan.
Back on the Second Foundation, Channis’ original brain-wave pattern is restored to him, and at last he realizes the truth of Seldon’s Second Foundation.

Part II: Search by the Foundation

After the intervention of the Second Foundation, the Mule abandoned all plans for further conquest and reigned his last five years as an enlightened despot. Though some think that the change in the Mule was due to the tampering of the Second Foundation, the theory remains unproven, since its location has yet to be discovered.
After the death of the Mule, the Foundation rose again. Yet this time, it has risen to even greater heights of power and glory. The Foundation’s commercial federation is peaceful and once again democratic. The old Empire is completely dead and the era of warlords had come to an end. There are no more dissident worlds of independent Traders.
Within a room of the Second Foundation rested the Prime Radiant, a device that contained the Seldon Plan, complete. There, too, was the First Speaker. He was twelfth in the line of chief guardians of the Plan. Though his predecessor had beaten the Mule, the Plan lay nearly in ruins. It had been his and his admistration’s task during the ast 25 years to guide the force of a stubborn galaxy back onto the planned path. Now he was preparing a student for speakerhood. As part of the Speaker’s test, the student explains the purpose of the Plan. Its orientation is to create a civilization based on mental science, which without the Plan, the probability of such a society coming into existance is close to zero. This is because only an insignificant minority of human beings are mentally equipped to lead Man through the greater involvements of Mental Science; the benefits derived therefrom, while longer lasting, are more subtle and less apparent. The First Foundation supplies the physical framework of a single political unit and theSecond Foundation supplies the mental framework of a ready-made ruling class. When the time comes, the Second Foundation will bring forth a group of psychologists ready to assume leadership of the Second Empire. However, right now the Second Foundation must be hidden since Foundationers are part of a society which would resent a ruling class of psychologists and therefore fear its development and fight against it. Unfortunately, the arrival of the Mule nearly half a century ago seriously bent the Plan. The existance of the Second Foundation was revealed as well as a portion of its power. Now the actions of the First Foundation have been altered because of their knowledge. As a result, the probability of the Seldon Plan still working has fallen to 21.4%.
Five men conspired at the Darell’s house, the home of Dr. Toran Darell, son of Bayta. The men: Pelleas Anthor, a student of Darell’s old colleague Kleise, an electroneurologist who died the year before, Jole Turbor, visicastor, Dr. Elvett Semic, professor of physics at the University, Homir Munn, librarian, and Dr. Darell himself, encephalographer. To start off the meeting, each individual underwent encephalographical analysis, including Arcadia, Toran’s daughter, who was up in her room secretly listening to the meeting with a sound-receiver. All the brain-wave records were satisfactory, and the session proceeded. Antor showed the group various encephalographic recordings of people from all aspects of society: minor government officals, industrialists, a psychologist and so forth. All the recordings displayed featureless plateaus in frontal lobe regions- evidence that something had been cut from memory. They all believed that they had evidence enough that the Second Foundation existed and was manipulating the Foundation. Anthor planned to have Munn travel to Kalgan and investigate the Mule’s old palace. The building is maintained as a shrine in which no unauthorized person may enter. Munn is to seek out permission from Stettin, the First Citizen, to enter the palace in order to further his research on the Mule. Once inside, his secret mission is to find the results of the Mule’s five year search.
A little over a month later, the summer started and Homir Munn departed Terminus for Kalgan. Arcadia stowed away on his ship and left a letter to her father as well as the sound-receiver. He realized that she had been a party to their clandestine gathering but dared not go after her, for fear of attracting the attention of the Second Foundation.
Stettin was Lord of Kalgan and First Citizen. Lady Callia was more than a friend to him but less than a wife. Within Lord Stettin’s privateapartments, First Minster Lev Meirus was arguing with Stettin about Kalgan’s future role in the galaxy. The Lord was eager to step out of years of inaction and return Kalgan to Empire and glory. He feels that though the Foundation is greater in volume and population, it is loosely knit and held together by merely inertia- inertia which Kalgan had the power to smash. Stettin is also of the opinion that the Seldon Plan has been completely disrupted since the days of the Mule.
Arcadia, in the company of Lady Callia, was able to convince her that Kalgan may offer the best chance of being the nucleus of the New Empire. Through Lady Callia, Arcadia was able to manipulate Stettin to allow Munn to examine the Mule’s records. After two weeks of study, Munn realizes that the First Citizen thinks Kalgan has a chance against the Foundation. Stettin knows Arcadia is of the family of Bayta Darell and has thoughts of marrying her when the time comes, as a means of fusing himself with the Foundation. Lady Callia helped Arcadia escape one night because she knew what Stettin was planning for her. At this point, Arcadia suspected Callia to be a woman of the Second Foundation.
Arcadia fled to Trantor. At the Kalgan terminal she ran into (literally) “Pappa and Mamma” (Preem Palver, Trader) while she was being tracked by the First Citizen’s police. With a 500 credit bribe from Palver to the police lieutenant, Arcadia was able to escape the Kalgan officials. Little did they know that Lieutenant Dirige would have let them go anyway since he was a Foundation man.
Back on Terminus, Anthor explains the situation to Darell. He believes that Arcadia is fleeing not from the forces of Kalgan but from those of the Second Foundation. Dirige’s encephalograph showed that he was Controlled.
Kalgan, believed to be under the control of the Second Foundation, attacked the Foundation thus starting the Stettin War. Kalgan had the strategic advantage as well as the belief that they were sided with the Second Foundation (although only Stettin really believed this). As the war progressed, the Foundation took heavy losses. Arcadia conviced Palver to trade with the war-torn Foundation and earn himself a risky, but handsome profit. As he left for Terminus, Arcadia gave him a message to memorize and deliver to her father.
Palver was picked up by Foundation forces within the war zone. He was figured for a spy. However, Jole Turbor, acting as a war correspondent aboard the vessel that had picked the Trantorian up, verified his identity.
Shortly afterwards the Battle of Quoriston ensued, delivering the deathblow to the Kalgan navy, thus effectively ending the war. After six months of war, Stettin took the advice of his First Minister and sent Homin Munn as his ambassador of peace to Terminus. For two months, Munn was Mediator Extraordinary before a treaty was finally hammered out. After the peace was settled, Munn told the others at Darell’s place of his disbelief in the existance of the Second Foundation. However, Semic didn’t believe Munn and pointed out his personality change since their last meeting (about ten months ago). He demanded that they all undergo testing to see if they had been tampered with. Munn was tested positive but the librarian rejected this verdict. Anthor was forced to render him unconscious so the meeting could continue. In turn, Anthor concludes that the Second Foundation exists on Kalgan. Once again, this new theory is replaced by another. Darell tells the group that he and Semic have developed a weapon against tampering- the Mental Static Device. He goes on to reveal Arcadia’s message to him “A circle had no end”, hence the location of the Second Foundation is right on Terminus. When Darell demonstrated his device, Anthor was uncovered as a member of the Second Foundation. He was forced to tell them that Callia was also a member. She had engineered Stettin’s war and maneuvered Arcadia, whom the plan had not foreseen, to Trantor to get her out of the way. When Anthor realized that Darell was progressing too far with his Mind Static research, he tried to steer him towards Trantor as well. Antor told them that Terminus was the home to the Second Foundation, which was only about 50 members strong. Anthor had admitted his defeat. Darell suspected him ever since he received that letter from his old teacher, Kleise. The letter was so much out of character, that Darell suspected that Kleise had been tampered with right away. The purpose was to introduce into his confidence an agent of the Second Foundation.
The Second Foundationers had been eradicated on Terminus and Darell was at peace. But elsewhere the Second Foundation lived, and its plan had worked. It was necessary for the First Foundation to be thoroughly convinced that they had located and destroyed the Second Foundation after the Kalgan war. In this way the Plan could be salvaged, since Terminus would once again know nothing and include the Second Foundation in none of their calculations. The purpose of the war was to show the Foundation that they could beat a physical enemy and thus repair the damage done to their self-esteem and self-assuredness by the Mule. Since the First Foundationbelieves the Second destroyed, the Mind Static Device and the mental scientists will gradually fade away. Arcadia was Controlled, however she had been tampered with 15 years earlier, when she was born on Trantor. Trantor was at the opposite end of the galaxy- at least to a social scientist. Trantor was home to the Second Foundation and Preem Palver was its First Speaker.



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