DSCF3193Welcome to onehundred15, my repository of thoughts, musings and analysis of things that interest me either professionally or personally. Actually this is only the work I’ve bothered to transcribe into coherent posts from a growing stack of notes.  Much of my writing never sees the light of day (hence contributing positively to the overall content quality of the Internet). After absorbing so much of the work of others via their blogs, articles, commentary or questions I thought I would give something back. Because the Internet always needs another opinion.

Why onehundred15? Have you been on the internetz  lately? Tried to get a unique username or domain name? Then I’m sure you can appreciate the need to settle for your eighth choice while still gobsmacked that even your obscure choices for numbers six and seven were already taken.

I thought one hundred and fifteen was rather clever. It couldn’t be 114 nor 116, since only 115 matches my initials in roman numerals.

CXV = 115


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