Cloud Capabilities as Realized by Apache Mesos

mesos_logoI got curious about Apache Mesos, the foundation of Mesosphere‘s Datacenter Operating System (DCOS) and while reading about it and kicking the tires, I decided to document some core “cloud”/distributed system capabilities. The document describes each of these capabilities in more detail, and specifically addresses how Mesos meets these requirements directly or through the inclusion of other related projects.

(Google Docs) Cloud Capabilities as Realized by Apache Mesos

(GitHub) Vagrantfile and shell scripts for kicking the tires of Mesos, Mesos-DNS, Marathon, Docker…

Distributed Coordination determining a leader among peers; shared state consensus; global persistent configuration
Process Supervision automatic recovery; process monitoring and health checks to ensure actual state matches desired state
Redundancy designing for failure
Log Aggregation centralizing logs
Dependencies, Isolation and Packaging distributed applications and their runtime environment
Provisioning, Scaling and Elasticity providing new capabilities to the cluster; auto scaling
Service Registration and Discovery announcing, finding and balancing requests to services
Workload Resource Monitoring and Metering operational analytics and usage billing
Security authentication, roles/authorization/access control, encryption (in-flight and persistent), credentials management
Distributed Storage persistent storage for application packages and their runtime data

Mesos Architecture


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