Dark Market Cyberthieves, Cybercops and You

Dark MarketA history of the downfall of Dark Market, a carders website and forum. Dark Market succeeded Shadowcrew which succeeded CarderPlanet (mazafaka.ru was the Russian successor). All inevitably fall due to the infiltration of police into positions of trust. In the case of Dark Market a cop Mularski with the handle Master Splyntr was actually a site admin. The book focuses on the dismantaling of the sites’ key members as their real identities get discovered. Some people simply wanted recognition and power that being an admin on the site would give them. While they kept the site running, they generally were not in it for the money. Others, like Cha0 were true entreprenureal criminals, sellings skimmers and support services. Then there were the true hackers like Max Vision aka Iceman, a whitehat who went black and started CardersMarket in direct competition to Dark Market. Iceman’s ego and rants got the best of him and while his skills were second to none (he discovered that Dark Market was a sting op) no carders believed him because of his established ranting vengeful ways.

(Amazon) Dark Market


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