Tubes A Journey to the Center of the Internet

TubesThe author traces his internet connection from his home wondering where it goes. Since the author is non-technical and the physical manifestation of the Internet is less than thrilling (think fridge-sized routers and miles upon miles of fiber optic cable) this book was pretty boring. Not that I was looking for a technical manual on networking infrastructure, but the author only really answered the question he posed in the first chapter in the epilogue. Annoyingly he was really attached to the “physicality” of the Internet which invariably ended up being concrete windowless warehouses. There’s a bit of history (the first computer to computer network message passing in 1969), but I think a history book would have been more interesting and certainly more thorough. Basically the author was out of his depth, being neither a historian nor a technician. While he travelled to Frankfurt, London, Lisbon, NYC and California in all cases it was to see a warehouse of routers and cables.

(Amazon) Tubes A Journey to the Center of the Internet


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